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 "After the sale its the service"

We have been providing sales & service to customers for more than 27 years, we are a Long Island base copier dealer.

We service Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens & Brooklyn.

What separates us from the rest is our service, any company could sell an office copier, but it is the service that counts the most after the sale. 

PJD Business Machines provides after hour & weekend service to cater to those business putting in long hours.

Most service calls have a 1 to 3 hour response time. We focus on longterm customers, we have customers over 27 years! Our prices are fair, our service is superb. 

We sell Copystar & Kyocera copiers and that is the only brand we do. By only selling & servicing just two, our customers are guaranteed supplies and parts are readily available.

This gives us a tremendous edge over competitors who sell and service a dozen different manufactures. 

If a service provider sells & services a dozen brands, how well could they be trained in service? how well stocked in vital parts could be?

This is why PJD has limited to just the two brands, Kyocera & Copystar which are actually one manufacturer. 


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Long Island Copier Service & Sales

Kyocera & Copystar copier sales on Long Island, We specialize in these two products and service Nassau County, Queens, Brooklyn & Suffolk County New York.

We offer all inclusive copier leases, 3 year leases are  the best way to go, call us and we will explain why
this is and why to stay away from companies offering you more than 3 years leases.
Leasing a copier should not be a difficult task but salesmen with their own interest in mind make leasing a nightmare,
we will clear this all up for you so you know exactly what to expect.

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27 Years!

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What is the difference between leasing and renting a copier? which one is for me?

I often get call from people looking for information about copier machines and many times, they do not understand the difference between the two. I will try to explain it simply without going into a long boring post.

When you ask to “rent” a copier, this is typically for short term use. A rental can be from 1 day to 6 months usually. Yes there are exceptions like if you choose to accept a machine with all inclusive service from a company that you have developed  mutual trust for but this is not very common.

To “Lease”  a copier is more long term, 2 year lease,3 year and up 5 year lease. Why anyone would lease a machine for 5 years is beyond comprehension. I will be more blatant, any salesman who suggest you to do a 5 year lease is a snake! (we already talked about the snake oil salesman in my previous blogs)

Now follow along here with me…. No matter if you lease or rent, either will cost you a lot more then if you purchased the machine outright. Let me repeat this, when you lease or rent, you WILL be paying a lot more for the machine, plus you will be paying for fees like one time  document processing and other hidden fees built into a lease that a salesman will never tell you about.

So, I am not going into detail on this blog but I just wanted to answer your question on the difference of both.

If you are looking to save as much as possible, if you are looking to get the machine at the rock bottom lowest cost, then you PURCHASE the machine outright.

If you do not have the money to purchase outright, then you lease the copier, if you lease, you should not do more than 3 years, if you are looking to get the most out of your lease/copier, then you should be considering a dollar buy out lease.

If you are planning an event where you need a copier or you have something going on at your office and want an additional copier to supplement your current machine then you could “rent” a machine. Short term rentals is our specialty.

Feel free to ask any questions, I will respond quickly and give you the most honest professional solution for your office equipment needs.

3:24 pm est 

Buying a refurbished HP Laserjet 4250 printer?

Do you see that HP Laserjet printer in the photo? do you see that genuine HP 4250 maintenance kit box? That genuine maintenance kit gets replaced when your HP Laserjet hit around 200k-225k. HP sets this interval inside the printer so when it hits the 200k mark, a message will be displayed that says “Maintenance kit needs to be replaced”. This is done so it virtually eliminates any down time due to part failure, you see, all the parts in this kit are the consumable parts that normally wear out and cause printer issues like jamming or poor print quality. We stock these maintenance kits, we have them fresh and newly manufactured. These kits are not cheap, they cost US over $200.00.

So I bet your asking, why are you telling us this??? I just wanted to give you a little background on this before I go into our refurbished printers. All our refurbished laserjets gets these kits installed along with other parts, we also either replace or renew all the printer panels to make the laser printer look like new!

I often see advertised on the internet, HP Laserjet 4250n printers that are totally refurbished for under $250.00, my question is, HOW CAN THAT BE? how could someone be offering a refurbished laser printer at the same price a genuine HP maintenance kit cost? It does not make sense because it is not true, it is impossible that this can be true and I just want you to be aware of this.

What these so call refurbish companies or fly by night repairman are doing is a spit shine, and the printer will last the 30 days and then it will fail. If it seems too cheap, it is not a properly refurbished printer. We have been refurbishing laserjets for 20 years, we only use genuine parts and all are printers come with a full 1 year warranty. We can offer a full year because we know the job is done right the first time using all OEM Genuine HP parts, even the toner will be genuine HP toner.

If you are looking for a HP printer like the HP4250N, fully refurbished and guaranteed, look no further and give us a call. We have a great selection of HP Printers in stock.

Let us take your business to the next level, call PJD Business Machines at 516 785-3299

you can visit us on the web at:



3:22 pm est 

Buying a refurbished HP Laserjet 4250 printer?
3:06 pm est 

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