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Long Island Copier Service & Sales

Kyocera & Copystar copier sales on Long Island, We specialize in these two products and service Nassau County, Queens, Brooklyn & Suffolk County New York.

We offer all inclusive copier leases, 3 year leases are  the best way to go, call us and we will explain why
this is and why to stay away from companies offering you more than 3 years leases.
Leasing a copier should not be a difficult task but salesmen with their own interest in mind make leasing a nightmare,
we will clear this all up for you so you know exactly what to expect.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

HP Printer work done the first time and done right....

I cant tell you how many customers we have picked up do to repair companies doing shoddy work. We are picking up HP printer customers who call us in to give a free estimate and you would not believe what we are seeing. Customers are getting charged a large fee and the machines are breaking down due to inferior parts being installed.

People, you must insist on OEM/Genuine parts for these HP printers, I am seeing rebuilt fuser units lasting 6 months, that is just out of warranty and guess who gets stuck? YOU!. We only install genuine HP parts, we specialize on the HP Laser Jet 4250's & 4350's, these machines are tanks, these machine will outlast any "new" printer you buy today,trust me I know, I have personally been servicing equipment for 26 years, I will not steer you wrong. I have seen many so called printer companies installing inferior parts in YOUR machines, oh they will charge you as much as genuine HP parts though. Just today I picked up a new customer that was using a very big laser printer company in the tri state area, yes they screwed this customer and they would not warranty the defective fuser unit, would you believe this?? Call us today, we will do the job right the first time, when we are done, your machine will run like new, we are that confident in our workmanship. We are PJD Business Machines, Long Islands Laser Printer Company, we do HP Laser-Jet Printers all the time, we are experts on the HP 4250 printers, call us today at (516)785-3299 or visit on the web at www.pjdbusinessmachines.com  ask for Phil or Peter and get your machine fixed the right way!

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Have You Become Victim To this Trap????

I have come across many potential customers who have asked us to sit down with them and go over their lease & service agreements and noticed yet another trick created by the salesman.

I have noticed the salesman would set up a lease/service agreement with a low annual or monthly copy count, much lower than the customer figured and done on purpose to get the deal, after the deal is set, the customer goes over their monthly click and are charged dearly for this. Have you become a victim on this trap?

This happens every day to customers, this can add up to some very hefty fees!!  Frown


Look closely at what the snake oil salesman puts in writing come lease time, you MUST agree that the copy click he writes in is accurate, this must include ALL CLICKS from copier/print/fax if installed. Please people, do your homework! I am willing to give you tips, I am willing to talk to you for free, if you still get screwed,,,, then it is your fault for NOT DOING YOUR HOMEWORK.Yell


10:00 am edt 

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